Genus Anthurium Flamingo/Candle Genus

Just for a piece of positive giant leaf

Giant leaves are not easy to have, of course, there must not be fire cranes first.

However, it is a thick, beautiful, textured, and fast leaf that is also called a few special and clamped giant leaves that can adapt to the weather in Hong Kong, but in fact, the flamingo is not a wrong choice.

I don't mean that a flaming crane can be put in the wild at will, and it is easy to have no flaminous leaves and grow beautifully, but I have a few scheming to pay attention to a few things, and it is really not difficult to plant a pot of flamingos.

That gigantic weighty leaf, period

There are plenty plants that grow gigantic leaf, even out of aroids. What anthurium may bring, is a leaf that's gigantic plus texture and weight. And what's more important, they can (somehow) adapt to climate in Hong Kong.

I don't mean to say no efforts are needed before you get your dream leaf, but it's definitely attainable with reasonable care.

For the sake of this leaf, in fact, it is not necessary to go to the end

Planting is for leisure, but why bother to vomit more than 19 taels of blood. However, it is not a native plant in Hong Kong, and if you want to grow it well, you need to get the following basic environment.

Bright scattered light - a sentence about sunshine, that is, the light is fierce but the direct sun is not enough. As for the point first called the light fierce, the point first called the direct sun, the window is not good, the balcony is not good, the roof is not good, etc., etc., you can ask us again.

Air Humidity - The weather in Hong Kong is actually humid for most of the year. (If you live in Tseung Kwan O or on the mountain, there may not be a problem with dehumidification in spring, sincerely) However, if the air conditioner is turned on for a long time in summer and the north wind blows back in winter, it is really necessary to humidify. For a reference, we keep the relative humidity at %-75% most of the time. If you need to humidify, the most effective way is of course to use a return humidifier, if you don't think there are many ways to increase the humidity of the air, but we think it is safer to spray the foliage as much as possible.
On the question of humidity

Hydrophobic media - the medium, what many people call mud also. (It is not a question of whether to pretend to be professional or not, but the 'medium' is really more accurate than the 'mud', because in addition to 'mud', there are many planting media that can be used well.) Most of the suitable media systems are successful, but the system is suitable first, in fact, it is not the system to look at the plants, and the people who need to take care of the plants. It is true that the ultra-hydrophobic medium is not easy to rot the roots, but it is relatively dense with water and fertilization. Therefore, when considering the combination of media, remember to think about burying yourself, so that you can enjoy the fun of planting first.
On the question of media

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