Alocasia genus

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Plant grows, with different paces, affected by species, plant health, various environmental factors and more. It would be great to acknowledge extra spaces that's needed when your plant is grown. If you have really limited spaces, Aglaonema pictum is an option you should not omit. Not only it grows slowly and vertically, its dark forest green, lime and grey-white variegation brings a stunning camouflage leaf. What's more, Aglaonema pictum is probably one of the easiest indoor plant in terms of its low maintenance and ability to thrive under varying environmental condition.

If you want to plant Alocasia well, you need to have enough light, see dry and wet water To grow healthy Alocasia, they need adequate light, and watering should be done when the soil is dry.

It's not good to be drenched all day long, it's not good to fall (heavy) fat, it's not good to put too much light with it, it's not good to spray leaves, it's not good to help it get too wet, and it's not good to divide the plant too early. Constraint yourself from watering too frequently, from heavy fertilizing, from providing too much moist and from providing too much brightness to facilitate its growth. Weird isn't it?

It is not good to be drenched in water all day long, and it is not good to lose (heavy) fat with your hands.

Indirect light

Although it will give birth quickly, it will not have problems because the environment is too bright. However, our experience is that the darker environment can make the contrast of different colors on the foliage more intense, and the camouflage effect will be better. I mean that it doesn't need light, it needs light, and there is definitely a chance to go to an environment where there is almost no light. To put it simply, if you find that a few leaves are like pale left one day, it is not as good as helping it to turn a dark position.

Brighter environment would definitely facilitate its growth, and Aglaonema pictum doesn't usually encounter with very bright indoor. But if you wish to have vivid camouflage leaf, you may consider to keep it away from brighter area, but not a closet without light or it would easily revert. If someday you find your Aglaonema pictum looks pale, try a dimmer place.

Relative humidity

The air humidity is not enough to make the leaves bend to the left, but I personally think that camouflage fried squid is fried a few beautifully, in fact, fried squid does not affect its growth too much, plus camouflage will rarely burn the edge, I think compared to the flower candle actually does not have to be humidified, anyway, Hong Kong is already wet enough most of the time.

Leaf may gets curvy sometimes when air is too dry, but this quite rarely gives burning leaf edge. I'd say it's okay not to worry about air humidity if you are growing an Aglaonema pictum in Hong Kong.

Hydrophobic medium Airy potting mix

The medium is also known as mud. (It is not a question of whether to pretend to be professional or not, but the 'medium' is really more accurate than the 'mud', because in addition to 'mud', there are many planting media that can be used well.) Most of the suitable media systems are successful, but the system is suitable first, in fact, it is not the system to look at the plants, and the people who need to take care of the plants. It is true that the ultra-hydrophobic medium is not easy to rot the roots, but it is relatively dense with water and fertilization. Therefore, when considering the combination of media, remember to think about burying yourself, so that you can enjoy the fun of planting first.

Potting mix is what we meant soil, just a more precise description ingredient extends beyond soil. Anyway, potting with the right mix makes your planting life much easier. When we come to deciding the right mix, make sure you put yourself into the equation, find the potting mix that keep your roots from rotting yet keep yourself from providing full-time care. That's how I have an enjoyable journey to plants.

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